Who We Are

Our Mission Statement

Jefferson Hunt Elementary School Staff believes that our students can be empowered to learn and reach their full potential in a healthy, equitable, and safe environment. We know that our students can achieve when they are motivated, engaged, valued, and praised. By building self-efficacy through patience and guidance, our students will attain academic and behavioral excellence.

We believe that as a Professional Learning Community, we have the responsibility to teach to our students’ individual strengths and needs. By providing differentiated instruction, we will enrich our students’ lives in a meaningful way to promote independence and individual success.

Vital Signs of Student Growth and Development

1. We want our students to experience continuous academic growth. Therefore, we will monitor and analyze:

• Proficiency in core subjects
• Closing the achievement and technology gaps, and accelerating learning for all student groups.

2. We want our students to embody academic tenacity. Therefore, we will aggressively analyze and continuously motivate:

• Self-responsibility, self-discipline and initiative
• Perseverance and passion for learning

3. We want our students to model socio-emotional resiliency. Therefore, we will encourage and thoughtfully analyze:

• Student "voice"

Our Instructional Focus

At Jefferson Hunt Elementary School, we have a single focus: providing exemplary educational experiences for every student, regardless of background or circumstance. We aim to nurture empowered learners who experience year-to-year academic growth; demonstrate academic tenacity; and are socio-emotionally resilient.

This aspiration demands the sustained commitment of all stakeholders - educators, families, and community - and a collective commitment to disciplined implementation of a common roadmap. This Instructional Focus is that roadmap; it is our guide for strengthening our educational practices in ways that ensure more students learn at higher levels every day.

The Instructional Focus defines the "Four Pillars" of our day-to-day professional practices.

1 Our first pillar - Equitable access to high-level differentiated instruction - ensures that all students receive instruction that meets national standards, delivered in ways that are responsive to each student's cultural background and learning needs.

2 Our second pillar addresses our professional commitment to evidence-based continuous improvement of our craft as educators. Through Data-Driven Professional Learning, we improve the effectiveness of our professional practices individually and collegially.

3 Our third pillar - High Expectations for All - promotes attitude and behaviors that reflect a belief of the potential in every member of the Jefferson Hunt Learning Community and our commitment to setting high standards for students and adults.

4 Our fourth pillar recognizes that success for our students depends on Strong Relationships with Families and Community. This pillar strengthens trust and communication among home, school and community.

At Jefferson Hunt Elementary School, our aim is to nurture empowered students!

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